Working Papers



The Impact of Gas Prices on the Marketing Outcomes of Residential Real Estate. Bennie D. Waller and Geoffrey K. Turnbull

This is the first empirical study to investigate the impact of gasoline prices and commuting distances on the marketing outcomes of residential real estate. The results indicate that while gasoline prices, commuting distances and the interactive effect don’t significantly impact housing values, they do have a negative impact on housing liquidity.  Specifically, over the period studied a $1.00 change in gasoline prices could increase a properties marketing duration by over two weeks.  Given the increase in marketing duration and the lack of impact on selling price suggests a possible agent effort dilemma. These findings are robust across multiple methodologies.The Impact of Gasoline Prices on the Marketing Outcomes of Residential Real Estate. Geoffrey K. Turnbull and Bennie D. Waller.

Property Occupancy: The Anomalies of Owner Agent Properties and the Resulting Impact of Principal/Agent Conflict. Geoffrey K. Turnbull, Bennie D. Waller and Velma Zahirovic-Herbert.

Termination of Listing Contracts: A Competing Risk Survival Analysis. Xun Bian, Chao Yue Tian, and Bennie D. Waller.

The Impact of Presidential Elections on the Marketing Outcomes of Residential Properties. Geoffrey K. Turnbull, Bennie D. Waller, Justin Contat and Manuel Dwyer.


Restrictions versus Amenities:  The Effect of a Home Owners Association on Property Values. Kimberly Goodwin, Claire Reeves LaRoche and Bennie D. Waller.